Robert Churchill - Lakewood, NY

Robert Churchill of Lakewood, NY - President of Merit Industries

A resident of Lakewood, NY, John Robert “Rob” Churchill Jr. has served as president of Merit Industries since 2012. Under his leadership the company has been a leader for advanced manufacturing in the Aerospace and Defense Industry as a high end producer of critical components, systems and subsystems. When asked what his daily role is Mr. Churchill said "Most of my time and energy is focused on strategic planning, team building, and execution of the plan with the goal of striving for pinnacle achievement in American Advanced Manufacturing". In recognition of his professional accomplishments, John Robert "Rob" Churchill Jr. of Lakewood, NY, earned the Industrialist of the Year award in Northwest Pennsylvania in 2019.

Alongside his role with Merit Industries, Rob Churchill actively volunteers in Chautauqua County, NY and Erie, PA by mentoring students who wish to pursue careers in American Advanced Manufacturing. Mr. Churchill's is passionate about spending time with his family and enjoys hunting, fishing and downhill skiing with his children. "Passing years of accumulated Archery and Marksmanship knowledge on to future generations gives me great satisfaction" said Mr. Churchill.

Robert Churchill (Lakewood, NY)

Robert Churchill (Lakewood, NY)

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